End of Premium FiT -

What can you do to reduce Power Bill Shock?

Convert your array to a Solar Water Heater!

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  1. Turning your PV into a solar hot water system..

  2. How does the changeover work..

  3. Don't need "gross" to "net" meter change..

  4. I want a HotPV™ system - what do I do? (links to another page)


Turning your PV into a solar hot water system..:

Water heating is one of the largest power users in a home, together with air conditioners, pool pumps, and refrigeration.

When your premium FiT ends, why not turn your roof-top array into a solar PV water heating system?

Older technology solar water heating have collectors on the roof connected by pipe-runs to and from your cylinder, and pump to circulate the water from the cylinder and back.

Our newest technology solar PV water heaters don't need to do that: we just take the electricity you generate from the panels and do our magic, then put this power straight through to your hot water element. Easy.


How does the changeover work..:

We swap out your existing inverter for a special water heating inverter utilising our unique VOV™ technology.

We also provide you with our HotPV™ hot water controller which is a smart switch, allowing you to specify when you want hot water every day.

Our hot water controller is a programmable device which allows you to say when you want hot water every day - and the controller uses grid boost to make sure the water is hot when you want it. If you have a different routine every day, the controller can cope with this as it has a 7 day programming capability.

The easiest way to think of the HotPV™ system is that we are swapping grid electricity for your own solar power, directly to the hot water element.

The system can be retrofitted to any existing hot water cylinder with an element.

I want a HotPV™ system - what do I do? (links to another page) 


Don't need "gross" to "net" meter change - saving the expense..

When we convert your solar PV system to a solar PV water heating system, it no longer connects to the grid. So metering is no longer required. And there is no need to change your gross meter to a net meter.

If your power retailer is offering to do meter swaps for free, great - do it. Some retailers charge several $100 to do a meter swap - you don't need to do this.

Remember once you convert to a HotPV™ system, your power company doesn't need to meter how much power you are generating into your cylinder.

We do recommend you get a smart meter if your retailer offers to do this at no cost - smart meters can make it very easy for you to monitor your home power usage. By showing you when power is being used or if there's something using lots of power, you are armed with the information you need to help you reduce your power bills further. 

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