Solar Hot Water made Easy!

HotPV™ Concept

EasyWarm HotPV™

Dot point An Aust/NZ jointly designed and patented solar PV hot water system:

Dot point Generate power on your roof using photovoltaic (PV) panels

Dot point Connect your PV panels to a special inverter incorporating our unique VOV™ concept, available exclusively from EasyWarm

Dot point Feed the power you have generated directly to your element

Dot point Enjoy solar hot water without the hassles!

Dot point That's HotPV™!

Solar Hot Water made Easy!

  • HotPV™ is powered by PV rooftop panels
  • Distance from cylinder is not a problem
  • No more worrying about panels freezing or boiling
  • Electric boost when there's not enough sun 

HotPV™ Solar PV Hot Water

  • No building consent required
  • No changes to existing plumbing and no additional pipework
  • Runs independently of the grid - it's an off-grid PV array 
  • No need to tell your power company you have a(nother) PV system


  • Our unique VOV™ concept passes all available power generated through to your element
  • Whether there are only a few watts due to low sunlight, or maximum output during peak sunlight, this PV power you generate goes to your element, until the thermostat reaches temperature
  • Now you don't have to wait for the rooftop panels to reach any particular temperature - as long as there is power generated, it goes to your element - Easy!

Easy Warm HotPV™ - how to get a Hot PV™ system...

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